Making Slides with asciidoc

Step 1: Installation


Install asciidoctor. Its available in many package managers, and also as a Ruby gem.


You will also need the reveal.js backend for asciidoctor. That link includes a README.adoc with installation instructions.

Actually, I prefer my version of the backend, but that’s me; it has a couple small tweaks to the title slide.

Step 2: Make an asciidoc presentation

Here is my example. Note that I am also using a modified reveal.js, which deals with some of the code block issues and allows tables to not have lines in them.

Step 3: Compile your slides

$ asciidoctor -T /path/to/asciidoctor-revealjs/templates/slim slides.doc

That should create a slides.html file with everything you need!

Step 4 (optional): Upload to your website

I like using Github and the gh-pages branch system for this.