Using WEBDAV from the command line

To mount a WEBDAV server, I used the following sequence.

Install davfs

On linux systems, there should be a davfs package. There certainly is on Arch:

pacman -Syu davfs

Edit the file systems table

Add a line like the following to /etc/fstab: /home/wendell/mnt/biophys davfs user,noauto,uid=wendell,file_mode=600,dir_mode=700 0 1

Try it out

Make the output folder, and try mounting:

mkdir -p /home/wendell/mnt/biophys

mount /home/wendell/mnt/biophys

This should ask for your username and password. A good start.

I think this will also initialize your ~/.davfs2/secrets file!

Store username and password

Edit ~/.davfs2/secrets:

/home/wendell/mnt/biophys       wws8          PASSWORD

Set permissions:

chmod 600 ~/.davfs2/secrets