About Me

I am a software engineer in Cambridge, MA (next to Boston), currently working at Datadog. I work primarily on the metrics query system, a distributed system for aggregating large amounts of data at high volume and low latency.

Before that, I was a computational physicist at Yale University, studying a range of systems in the fields of biophysics and granular materials via computational models.

I am also an Open-Source enthusiast, and I maintain a few useful packages:

  • basic_allocator (repo): A simple memory allocator for Rust written in Rust, primarily for educational purposes.
  • Tess (repo): Calculate 3D Voronoi tesselations in Python
  • Spack (repo): Analyze packings of spheres
  • ParM (repo): A feature-packed Molecular Dynamics simulation package, modularly built to support just about any MD simulation (2D or 3D). I have used it myself for jamming (packings of spheres), disordered protein simulations, and modeling bird nests. It is written in C++ and includes bindings for Python.

I have also contributed to many larger projects, including numpy, Rust, vapory, and others.

About this Site

This site is statically generated using Jekyll, using Foundation 5 for the frontend and hosted on GitHub Pages. Ideas and inspiration came from Jason Long’s Cayman theme and uigradients.com.

I also wrote a post on how I integrated Jekyll and Foundation for this site.


There are a few posts I think are especially useful:

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